War thunder matchmaking unfair

Unfair matchmaking war thunder

Originally posted by Rave:. What I am saying is its a bottom tier 3 wtf is with this games system to make you fight tier 6 with the lowest tier 3 its just unfair and stupid. Ki'agh View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by nzl:.

Battle Rating Calculation

Wiggles View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by kazaddum:. I wonder why my 6. I see posts from and nothing. After grid tier 4 soviet and get stuck with soviets t44 and is-2 mod 44 , I decide play with germans.

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Was fun all tier 1 and 2, but the problem begins at the tear 3 when a reach tiger. After get tiger E crude tiger E, without any modifications I just get matchs against t44 and tiger II some examples , that is unfair.

I know about angled, I angled my tiger ever match and, for phanters or tigerII, this dont care. Then it must be because so many people play 6.

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Because this feeling of being constantly uptiered is so prevalent, two or three months back I recorded all my sessions: BR of my squad, BR spread there were actually some battles with 6. Because we switch nations and BRs rather frequently, we got a good coverage of BRs from mid-range to 7. Here are the results:.

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Out of battles our squad was low-tier 31 times, high-tier 32 times. I did not really dig further into the interesting data, but apart from a slight underrepresentation of the extremes everything is very even.

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Maybe that was because we played x. Sometimes it might be that MM based on player stats or distribution of players have a say in MM. For two weeks my squad and me grinded GE wagers, which are farmed easiest at 3. We played probably around 60 battles, and got 2.

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Expectation is more around While this is also still within statistical bounds, I think, this might also be MM trying to keep us clubbers down, or due to Tier influence on MM because we were Tier 3.