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Lastly, I feel like the death certificate to any marriage is separating finances. Be willing to put in the work when things get difficult or dull. Your marriage is only as successful as you make it, and it should be one of the most important things in the world to you.

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Definitely worth the effort, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort. Enjoy the little things. Let your spouse dream and reach their dreams and goals. Goes for both sides. Don't start any habits in your first year of marriage that you don't want to do for the rest of your life. My advice is to make your marriage your own! Don't look at other marriages and wish you had something else. WORK to shape your marriage that is satisfying for both of you. Have couple planning and interview time each week so you are on the same page.

Discuss issues and concerns. Express gratitude and give affection. Create a list of "What I can do for you's" rather than "honey-do's". When you've been married a long time, sometimes you take for granted that your spouse knows you love them. Don't be afraid to show it!

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One thing my mom always said growing up to us was "you have to work on your marriage every day. Do we always do it? It's so easy to just take that relationship for granted and focus on the kids, work and everything else life throws at you but it's so important to invest a little each day.

Take that time to be "all in" with full attention and focus on each other. Even if it's just 5 minutes. Read the 5 Love Languages Book and act upon it. Also, DATE each other. Save up the money for a baby sitter if you have to. Don't argue in front of the kids and don't go to bed angry. Choose to love your spouse each and every day.

And then show them that love. Don't assume they know you love them. Remember 3 things always: You will never know if it's your last moment with them. Make sure to take time for each other and have regular date nights!!! They don't have to involve spending money. Realize your not perfect and neither is your spouse.


Love and laugh together! Take a trip every year with just the two of you. Even when your kids are small, you need to take the time to get away and reconnect as a couple. Always make your marriage a priority. One day your kids will be grown up, and what is left is you and your spouse. It is sad to see marriages end once the kids are gone, because they lost each other while raising their kids. After being married for 20 years, I would say, focus on the positive!

Life is hard and all have weaknesses to improve upon. Praise your spouse for all their great qualities to give them the confidence to work on those things that need improvement. Just enjoy being together and having fun, laughing at each other's jokes and just keeping that friendship alive and well. It makes getting through the tough times easier!

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Always assume your partner is acting from their kindest, most considerate place. Find something to do together that you both can enjoy…a bike ride, cooking, reading, etc. This is a way to grow closer as a couple. Our first year of marriage I asked my hubby to make a Christmas Nativity set with me -the ceramic kind you clean, paint, glaze and fire.

Not being a crafter he totally thought this was a very stupid idea but decided to go ahead with it and guess what??

Anniversary – The Dating Divas

Pray as a couple. Be nice to each other! It's shocking how many people forget that. Talk about everything--especially the little things!

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Learn to say "I'm sorry" and be sincere. Remember the reason you're in it! Remember that you are on the same team--working toward the same end: After 30 years of marriage "perseverance" comes to mind. Marriage is a huge learning curve and remember you are in it for life.

Anniversary – The Dating Divas

Love and be loved. And, as everyone else has said Enter marriage knowing divorce is not even an option. If you must have the last word, make it "sorry". We were married , so on the 23rd of every month I make it a point of doing something extra and special for him. Yes we do special things for each other all the time, but this is different. Remember God is a welcome third member of all unions!! When you have kids always, always stick together when deciding the rules.. And always find time to get away even 1 or 2 days.

Then you can listen to each other until you understand where they were coming from. Really pay attention and listen to your spouse. It's great to have a Date Night once a week where the two of you can be together and go out and do something fun! All I have to add that creating and planning adventures that we do together has been lots of fun. Traditions, setting goals, praying, scripture reading and church attendance bond us more each day. And one day he will be perfect and so will you. I hope you have found some great tips that you can use in your own marriage to make it better than ever!

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