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I encourage you to try this in your own classroom! Writing Workshops Writing Workshop Series: What IS a WW? What is a Mini-Lesson?

Speed Dating in an English Lesson

April 25, Author: Here is one of my students filling in his graphic organizer through Google Docs Again, I used a simple graphic organizer that I assigned to my kids through Google Classroom. Some key things I loved: All students got to share their thoughts, not the just ones who always volunteer Students hate sitting awkwardly, so if they had finished talking about the specific topic on the board they would ask spin-off questions. This was so exciting to me! Students were still accountable. Everything I said could be totally ignorant and wrong, but this is my understanding as a Chinese-American student and I apologize if I offend anyone.

None of my students managed to get into the state unis and ended up with me instead I think of them as the lucky ones. Or, at least, not to as great an extent… I think the Tiger Mum thing is a big part of their inexperience and embarrassment, but there are a lot of other factors as well.

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I think Chinese students spend way too much time studying in high school, and they hardly have any experience dating. Check out this interview with a recent Chinese high school graduate:. Thanks for your comments. I had the same experience teaching in Beijing. What occurred to me was that the Chinese teens mature much more slowly than, say, the American teens. I noticed that grown women carry around Disney backpacks and purses.

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I see things changing in China, but slowly. Very funny, maybe another good way to learn English in China. You know in China students always learn English by repeating. They do not talk, just write. I was talking to one of my friends who admitted that she has had three boyfriends. I felt embarrassed because I have had none.

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I consider it wrong that Chinese students learn English without comparing it with their own language. And most Chinese English-learners do not practice speaking often enough. They have no good contexts for doing that. Said this, I thought of the present China, students have words dare not to say, only thing and scold teacher. It is interesting to observe the differences in this activity over the years.

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Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it -- but never does this country fail to captivate us. One wrote down the following 5 questions: Have you got a good job? Have you got a lot of money?

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This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts. The radically advanced technical system seems very convenient at first. Who wouldn't gear-up with shiny eye implants that do thinking, decorating and planning for you?

Almost 60 per cent of Internet users said there is nothing wrong with trying to find a partner on the Internet. Things to avoid when dating onlinetutoringworld.