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I did not like them. In Gillette started marking their blades with date codes. In , they started marking razors with the date codes.

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The following chart is a list of my dated Gillette razors. Following that is a chart explaining the coding system Gillette used from the beginning. Blades notched for "heat lots".

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Single Ring Handle Introduced. King Gillette's picture on blade wrappers. Steel lot only on blade. Milady Decollette short handle long neck. Hollow Handle Pocket Edition. JK J Series all U. Old Style still seen with no serial. Last year for 3-hole blades. Model "long slot" test marketed. New Gillette takes slotted blade. B No more razor serial 's to Blue blade plain slot and diamonds introduced. Blades get 2x crosshatch. Blades get 4x crosshatch. Sheraton TTO gold, regular handle.

Senator TTO nickel vs gold.

Identifying Vintage Safety Razors

Tech intro'd with triangle guard slots. Milord TTO bar guard version of Sheraton.

Camoflage blade for military use. Full civilian production resumes. Thin Blade black and white wrapper red print. Center bars get notched July. Cream plastic blade dispenser. Blue plastic blade dispenser. Tech gets parallel slots. Colored TTO knobs for blade angle. Limited Release of the Toggle. TV Special this year only. Limited nickle toggle run. Super Blue Blade silicone coated. Last year for the Thin Blade? Men's Adjustable gets long thin handle. Rinse well when done and you should be good to go. The rusty looking gunk on the bottom plate is most likely rust residue left from leaving an old carbon steel blade in the razor for too long.

I would be willing to bet your razor cleans up nicely with not a lot of work.

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As others have mentioned, it is a Gillette Tech. A very popular razor that I find runs to the mild side of things. While the techs are a bit mild for my particular beard, many people here and on the other shave forums love them. I put hot water, and simple green in a container over night with the razor. Then I look a very soft brush to clean up the extra crud off of it.

I'd think that would be virtually impossible. I doubt much would survive on a dry piece of metal for very long. I purchased a similar razor at a thrift store last month.

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Vintage Gillette Tech Razor Review

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